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IOT Chip

The serial port chip developed by ZLAN is a single chip for serial port to Ethernet, it can efficiently and easily realize TCP access Ethernet/Internet. ZLAN1003 is the core chip used by the third generation of ZLAN serial device server, its stability has been verified for many years. ZLAN1003 is a single chip of serial port server in its true sense, including all the functions of the serial port server: Web configuration, ZLVircom search, TCP/IP to Ethernet, DHCP, DNS. With no drive, just go to receive and send data, welded to the circuit board can do search and configuration through Ethernet.Shanghai ZLAN condensed the core technology of serial port server into a chip, provides more integration and higher cost performance networking solutions for customers.

Serial to Ethernet Single Chip
Modbus Gateway Single Chip Solution
P2P Networking Single Chip Solution


  • Internally integrate full-featured serial port to TCP/IP software, without complex programming, easy to use.
  • Internally integrate MAC and PHY interface of 10M/100M fast Ethernet.
  • Support Auto Negotiation Full-duplex & half duplex.
  • Support auto cross line detection (MDI/MDIX)
  • Support TCP server, TCP client, UDP/UDP multicast working mode.
  • As TCP Server can support 100 clients simultaneous communication.
  • As TCP client can connect 8 destination IP and port meanwhile.
  • 3.3V working voltage, 5V I/O signal tolerance.
  • The baud rate support 1200~115200bps, support hardware flow control and software flow control.
  • 80 feet LQFP encapsulation, lead free encapsulation.
  • Abundant signal light: indicator light for TCP connection establishing, wires connecting, data communication.
  • Industrial chip for temperature -40℃ to 85℃.
  • Support upgrading firmware through Ethernet.
  • Support similar AT commands as connecting control, parameter configuration, status reading of the chip through Ethernet.
  • Support 485 sending permit control line RS485_EN pin used on RS485 bus.

More Materials

  • Provide complete reference design principle diagram, PCB, encapsulation;
  • Provide device relative protocols of Ethernet port search, serial port AT commands;
  • Provide various second developed library for mobile, PC terminal.